Art, Also the Great American Chrome Shop sell some awesomely bright standard round assemblies that many tractor trailers use. There are RV LED lights for the awning, interior, LED RV tail lights and special lights made for the exterior that are motion sensitive or have bug repellant. Choose Options × OK. Join our newsletter. There are many manufacturers of LED bulbs that will fit your present lights without replacing the whole unit at a fraction of the cost. For this I tested about 12” away from the light, I took 3 samples for each light to determine a high value, low value, which then gave an average value. I will have to look at that. As well as a large selection of tail lights, and a variety of other replacement bulbs. We always dry camp and though we have a generator, we still would run our batteries down in the evening between the pump and the kids coming in and turning on the lights in our trailer. Be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE or FOLLOW button. Any suggestions? Alpenliter, It certainly sounds like you feel that they are worth the money, and apparently for good reason. Pair of Surface Mount LED RV Camper Tail Lights. I respect the other comments but for safty there should never be a cost issue. Charlie November 28, 2011 at 11:03 pm The only good LED light for an RV is the Rigid Industries LED light. Now you may think it would be difficult to actually see the speed difference, but it is not. At a time/distance saving of .2 seconds you have stopped your vehicle in 17.6 feet less distance. Save $4.80 (12% Off) Add to Cart So as you can see the comparison, the LED is on the left and has a substantial increase of lux than compared to the incandescent which is on the right for the parking lights. I have seen similar issues regarding over heated lenses. Thank you for sharing your experience on using LED tail lights and your valued input. The standard thermal type may need to be replaced with an LED compatable. LED RV combination tail light, passenger side, black base. William, It is great to hear from a person that drove professionally. While the outer design may appear somewhat different, the back side profile is made identical to the O.E.M. At 60 MPH you are travelling at 88 feet per second. Years ago I changed something (right now, I do not even remember what I was messing with) on my 1968 Chev P/U that made the flasher not have enough power going thru it to make it work properly. Navigate. Just Pimping Your Ride   –   Lug_Nut   –    Peter Mercer. Just watch cars and light trucks and check out there tail lights when you are on the road. These new LEDs will blister your retinas if you’re following too close! That's a cool tip, I'll have to try that out on some old lights if I can get my hands on some. So, how can you add L.E.D. charging big bucks for an inferior product…. Led bulbs run very cool and in the winter time will not melt the snow that accumulates on them when driving, therfore causing a potential safety problem. So, where did the tail lights come from on your rig? Is it a simple exchange or is there a problem with the turn signal/hazard flasher not working. Tighten all the screws then and you can now move onto the opposite side, using the exact same procedure. Install the new bulb and you will need to ensure it’s orientation is correct so you basically have a 50/50 chance on this. Ray B, Glad you found the topic of interest. bulbs and install them into your current tail light assemblies. Well, at least that won’t happen again with LED’s. Interesting. Stay up to date with my latest tutorials, don't forget to FOLLOW my profile and be sure to check out my YOUTUBE page as well for all your DIY needs. We’re a gaggle of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Thanks for presenting the link and for your input. Your units are out there somewhere. $24.95. BARGMAN ITEM # 47-84-540. Was it the lights? Clearance & Rv Tail Lights today for your great deals on lights for your RV. Double Contact Round LED Lights; Wedge Based LED Lights . Tige Herndon, Interesting comments, however there are many LED lamps available, some brighter than others. I considered LEDs several years ago but decided not to make the change after reading the following: I have considered swapping out the standard trailer lights with LED units. Having the replacement led bulb a little brighter would be nice. The reflected light from the inside out was amazing in comparison. are both available. Unlike the standard automotive light… I have just finish researching my rig for a Led upgrade. L.E.D. Choose Options. 3 years ago. How to Install LED Lights in a RV. Some RV’s have at least 24 bulbs. V9B5R8 Tel: 1-866-530-6527 I want to replace my old dim Scamp tail light units with LED units. I too am a retired truck driver and have replaced the lights on my Challenger fifth with Led’s and am in the process of replacing all of them plus adding a turn signal in the middle of the trailer. If you plan to order LED 12v bulbs to replace the current bulbs in your RV light fixtures, you may want to consider ordering a few different options so you can test the color temperatures. As we continue to renovate the RV, all of the LED lights are slowly but surely being replaced.In addition to its ugliness, this light above the couch was not user friendly. Then there will be two on the side of the light. These two light Newmar had them made for them and are no longer available from them or Grote. tail lights. Thank you! equipped units. A great size for 3rd brake lights, tail lights. Install the light socket back into the tail light housing. Then there will be two on the side of the light. If they are working, you can replace your tail light covers. i had no choice…original lenses and housings distorted due to the heat from the tail light filament of the recommended 1157 bulb… when i complained to them they said it was from the heat of the az. Thank you for your super input. Replacing Your RV Light Bulbs To LED: 1. I can tell you the industry would not have put them on there fleet if it were a fad. But like you said , do your research and it will pay off. has all the plug n play LED upgrade marker lights for your toybox. Did you make this project? Video tutorial on how to upgrade your brake lights to LEDs along with what the benefits. (Light-emitting diode) tail lights are becoming more popular and can be seen now on many trucks, cars and on several RV makes. OzLED stock the best range of quality automotive LED Combination Tail Lights The best Truck, Trailer, and Caravan LED Combination Tail Lights to buy online FREE Shipping on orders over $25 - … Thank you for your participation and input on this topic. G4 10w Replacements; G4 20w Replacements; G6.35 20w Replacements; Plate Style LED Lights; Festoon / Inline LED Lamps; Vanity Globes; Reading Lamps . Replacement tail lights for motor homes, campers, travel trailers, or 5th wheels. At night for another example, again using the parking lights and then with the brake lights. Was: $48.76. Check some out on the following website. Water entering the assembly has been common on some designs. Insert the new bulb by inserting it into the area and turning it clockwise until it is securely in. Question for Lug Nut…I have a 2002 Nomad travel trailer. All Rights Reserved. But, apart from that, many people would probably pay $250/300 to add them, and that’s just for personalizing, let alone the other benefits. About: Car enthusiast YouTuber creating helpful tutorial videos on both repairs and customizations. Reply I was aware of determine the year on an assembly, but not the make. Given the low quantity it makes no financial sense. With the new LED on the driver’s or left side of the truck, you can see the light is much brighter. Just to give you a comparison between the original and LED lights, both using the parking lights and brake lights. has what you need when you need it. Thanks for your interest and input. You could replace the entire assemblies or, as suggested by Mort, just the bulb itself. Nice work on matching the washer tank. The typical LED lifespan is somewhere around 50,000 hours, so if you estimate an RV run time of six hours per day, your LEDs will last more than twenty years. YITAMOTOR 4X 1157 LED Bulbs, 54SMD 650 Lumens, BAY15D 7528 2357 2057 LED Replacement Light Bulb for Brake Tail Running Parking Backup Light for Car Vehicle RV Trailer Boat, 12v-24v 4.4 out of … Superbright led’s have a bad color and do not last. Unlike the way tail light assemblies used to be that were made with a removable lens, today’s units are all one piece. Even on the ground you can see the illumination has increased quite noticeably. It hung in front of storage cabinets making them difficult to access, and my husband routinely bumped his head on it. Perhaps there may be another answer rather than switching back. Thank you for your comment and input. Hackercraft, The additional lights will make it stand out. encapsulated in silicone, making this bulb durable and efficient. Any suggestions? Bright long lasting Rv lights are the only lights to have when it comes to your RV and or towing vehicle. I was not aware of this issue. For the outside screws, you can pull the light back slightly to ensure the screw is being screwed into the plastic retainer. They are bright, and in many cases, far more so than the standard automotive bulb type. $34.13. 10 diode surface mount Red LED Stop/Turn/Tail Light RV Trailer, Truck, cargo RV 4.5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - 10 diode surface mount Red LED Stop/Turn/Tail Light RV Trailer, Truck, cargo RV I was always burning out porch lights, but not now. I had to replace the windshield washer bottle on my ’85 Southwind and found out that it was OEM on ’76 Cadillacs. Thanks though for the great tip and your excellent input. Your website offered us with helpful information to work on. Most tail/brake lights actually have staggered locating pins on the side, which makes it easy to get them the right way around- notice the locating pin on the left is higher than the one on the right, If you use red LED chips, the light would be even sweeter ;]I used them to my tail/brake light, Reply I fully agree with the extra safety of have extra bright stop lights, not to mention the light up speed. Once I thought a bulb had burned out but it was simply a bad ground. We carry a wide selection of trailer tail lights, such as light kits, led light kits, replacement lenses, tow light packages and many more. But, certainly, you are right, some will work. Regards, Fred. LUG_NUT , Great article. These new units are generally sold by the pair and are also available in custom designs and colors. Demonstrating the proper technique for replacing and repairing broken RV marker lights, Dave Solberg walks you step by step through the removal and installation process. Gene, Thanks, I’m glad you found the topic of interest. Overall, the benefits of the upgrading your brake lights to LEDs is increased visibility of yourself to fellow motorists, increased reaction time for when those brake lights are activated, LEDs do run cooler compared to the incandescent bulbs, they put less of a draw on your vehicle’s electrical system, where an incandescent bulb lasts 1200 hours, an LED can last 25,000 hour, and LED bulbs also run cooler. The picture on the left shows a 2007/08/09 Newmar Essex or King Aire tail light assemble. Thanks for your input. This removal procedure is quite standard amongst most of the mid 90s and up Ford Rangers with some aesthetic changes. Bulb replacement procedures will vary between vehicles, so tail lights need to be fully removed while others have an access hatch in interior trim pieces. Thanks for the input. For this particular truck, the parking and brake light combo take a single bulb model number 3157 for each tail light, so there is two bulbs required in total for the replacement. Free shipping. Is this item available from you? May be worth considering. Gerald Wagner, That is very interesting. Thanks for sharing that with us and for your great input. UPDATE!!!!! just replaced my inferior bargman tail lights with their new l.e.d. This is a very bright RED LED with Samsung 5630 LEDs. Tail lights, turn signals, and side marker lights are another obvious issue, often due to color and brightness: Tungsten filaments produce a wide spectrum of light. Here at we offer you the best selection of RV side markers, tail lights and safety lights so everyone can see where you are and keeps everyone safe for your next RV outing. They are bright, and in many cases, far more so than the standard automotive bulb type. Link here. The parking and brake reflector portion of the housing is filled with more light. The trailer lights are the fairly common oval shaped units, which can be removed easily and replaced with LEDs, at about $35 each, and are available at most automotive type stores. Folks, we’re wanting to replace the INTERIOR lights with LEDs so there’s less power draw, esp. Here’s a 2nd opinion. Part of the custom application though may be to change the non-lite look, smoked, black, clear, etc. This is my 4th motor home and I have never had to replace a tail light bulb. Kohree T10 921 Wedge RV Led Light Bulbs Interior 12V 3000k Warm White Camper Light Bulbs Led Replacement Bulbs for RV Trailer Motorhome 5th Wheel, Marine Boat Dome Light Replacement (4 Pack) 4.7 out of 5 stars 427 Simply removing the existing assembly and reinstalling the new should take very little time or effort. Today, I think they paid for themselves. Bulb replacement procedures will vary between vehicles, so tail lights need to be fully removed while others have an access hatch in interior trim pieces. Unlike the standard automotive light bulb that requires about 200 milliseconds to reach full brightness, the L.E.D. And as a bonus, we’re looking for a portable device that has enough LED lights that we can use for lighting guests to tape videos — something with a more focused narrow but bright light. You will simply need to determine what type of bulb each light will require and purchase a compatible LED bulb. Thank you for the very interesting post. You must replace the entire light assembly with a unit designed for L.E.D. If you buy a brand-new RV and install LEDs, they’ll last as long as your RV holds up! Press on your brakes and see if your tail lights are working with the new bulb. Mort, Great point, but many are too small and can result in “not-so bright” operation. To remove this tail light on this particular truck, there will be four phillips screws. I have an AllegroBus and it has Ford Ranger tail lights. Once those screws have been removed, pull out the tail light. Once those screws have been removed, pull out the tail light. Replace the Fuse