... You can request a new birth certificate to be issued with the new name as part of your final name change order. Credit will be given for the unused portion of your current Nevada registration. If you are adding or dropping vehicle owners, you must change the vehicle title as well as the registration. My name on my birth certificate indicates my name as -----. When the court establishes paternity, the name of the father as determined by the court, will be entered on the birth certificate. The information provided is basic, general information that does not fit all situations. If you go through the legal name change process, you have the option to change your name on your birth certificate but you are not required to. State laws differ in regards to how to change your name on your birth certificate so you will want to contact your state Office of Vital Records to inquire. Once you get your signed order, you will need to contact every agency and office where you wish to change your name so they can update your information. You will need an original letter from your SRS surgeon, and an original or certified copy of the court order for your name change. If you have a Governmental Services Tax Exemption for Veterans, Disabled Veterans, Surviving Spouses or the Blind, you may apply this to a vehicle registered to a trust by completing the Trust Affidavit for Exemptions (VP 242). The lienholder may ask you to sign either the title or a power of attorney. If the newspaper does not, contact the newspaper to obtain the affidavit and file it yourself. Completed Application for Driving Privileges or ID Card (DMV 002): Change his or her last name to the last name of his or her spouse; Use his or her last name hyphenated with the last name of his or her spouse; or. You must also surrender any existing U.S.-issued license or ID card. Find out from your local court where to turn these papers in to the judge. Contact a newspaper to arrange for publication. The Affidavit for Correction of a Record You must disclose whether you have ever been convicted of a felony and provide details of any convictions. You will have to file this form with the clerk. Use the order with the reference to birth certificate if you want your certificate changed to show only your new name. First-time applicants are required to provide proof of identity (full legal name and date of birth), name changes(s), Social Security number if one has been issued for you and two documents to prove your address. Visit archives.gov to obtain a copy of a DD-214 of other evidence of honorable discharge. What type of name change do I need to file? Amending / Correcting a Birth or Death Certificate Per Nevada Administrative Code 440.023 and 440.030 This guide is to aid in the process of correcting information on a birth/death certificate when an affidavit is the appropriate method to amend the certificate. You must visit a DMV office to have a new driver license or ID card issued. On this form, you will give the child’s previous name, the new name you wish to give them, and the reasons for the name change. This form contains the information that will be published. Complete the online birth certificate application.Valid photo identification of the requestor and proof of relationship must be uploaded with the form.. A certified copy of a marriage certificate is required in order to access many crucial documents and services in Nevada including (but not limited to): Spouse Health Benefit; Immigration Benefits; Insurance; Legal Name Change; File Joint Taxes; Birth Certificate ID; Death Certificate ID; … *You can skip this step if you are changing your name for gender identity purposes.*. • If you have changed your name, Proof of All Name Change(s) AND Who May Receive a Copy. Submit the order to the judge for approval. If your order includes a request for a new birth certificate with your new name, you will need to contact the vital records department where you were born to find out their requirements. Most adult name changes are approved without a hearing as long as all the requirements are met. You have the option of renewing your vehicle registration for a full year. You must bring all of the following to upgrade to a Real ID: • Proof of Identity AND This is necessary to comply with Nevada LIVE Insurance Validation. In order to update the name on a Nevada ID, an applicant must first change their name with the Social Security Administration, and then submit a court order certifying the name change to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Family Court Cover Sheet provides the judge with basic information so that they can open a case for your petition. The name of the insured on the Nevada Evidence of Insurance must match either a name of a trustee or the trust as the vehicle will be registered. The fee to amend a birth certificate is $40 and includes one copy of the corrected certificate. If all of the required forms are filed and the steps are correctly followed, the judge will typically approve of the name change without a hearing. If all of the required forms are filed and the steps are correctly followed, the judge will typically approve of the name change without a hearing. See Residency and Proof of Identity for details and lists of documents. See Changing your name on your Social Security card. Nevada County Recorder maintains the Birth records for those births that occurred in Nevada County.    English  |  Spanish  |  Tagalog. Anyone may elect to become an Organ Donor. If you did not already fill out the order when you filled out your other paperwork, complete the form now. When it comes to changing a birth certificate after a name change or after adoption, the process is a little more involved.