And of course, it goes without saying but when that happens, we literally call in sick for work and make sure to spend the entire day out, bathing in the sun! In this period the temperature in Iceland is about +15-20 °C (59-68 °F). Discover a wide range of Mountain Tours Why not join this Mo... What VIP experiences are available to the luxury and business class traveller in Iceland? You can wake up to a beautiful sunny day, begin getting dressed, and by the time you've finished, discover there's a raging snow blizzard outside. These precautions mean you won't find yourself on top of a glacier in a crazy snowstorm. However, the average temperature in Iceland during summer is only 10°C (50 Fahrenheit) and the absolute warmest it gets is 20°C (68 F). September: daylight is reduced to 12-13 hours per day. Let me help you make your trip to Iceland absolutely unforgettable! Just remember that the weather in Iceland can be extremely unpredictable (even in the summer), so all forecasts should be considered best guesses. Winter in Iceland is between November and March. Figure 3. For an example, it will still be daylight at midnight, why not take a midnight trip somewhere?​, Northern lights over Thingvellir National Park, As I mentioned, every season has it's pros and cons. It's also the largest one and has a big selection of hot tubs, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, saunas and waterslides. Here is my most recommended glacier tour in Iceland. This is the only time of year you can access the famous valley of Landmannalaugar (unless you go on this Landmannalaugar super jeep winter tour) and Thorsmork Valley. It's hard to answer because Iceland is so varied in nature and wildlife and its weather is so unpredictable. 1 x Hiking / waterproof boots: If you’re planning on walking around a lot and hiking, you will need these.. Iceland isn’t exactly a polished and paved country, and even in some of the most touristy areas the paths will get wet and muddy. Icelanders are used to this constant change in the weather, and if you book a tour that gets canceled due to weather, you'll receive a full refund or be scheduled for another day. Not that you will experience our summer to be very warm … but us Icelanders think it is simply amazing! The average sunshine is 161 hours and the average precipitation is 50 mm. Summer is the "high season" in Iceland. The weather is milder, the days are longer, and it's a truly spectacular time to visit. Towards the end of June or beginning of July, some of the highland roads are opened after being closed for the winter. The temperature (figure 1) has in the long run been increasing at Stykkishólmur during the last 200 years at the rate of +0.7°C per century. The weather changes all the time. Always, always, always, research the weather before your trip to Iceland. The largest town in the North of Iceland, Akureyri, generally receives warmer days during summer (though still averaging lower than Reykjavík, around 11°C or 52°F), but colder days in winter (around 0°C or 32°F), with more consistent levels of snow. Still, the weather can be unpredictable, and some years, it feels like summer will never come. May 14 – The day of President. THIS is our most recommended Whale Watching tour from Reykjavik. Yup, this is the biggest downside of visiting Iceland in the summer. The divide runs straight through the middle of the country and is very visible at Thingvellir National Park, where you can even go diving or snorkeling between the two continents. Some nights, when the activity is high on the scale (such as a 7 out of 9), you may not see anything. The days get longer and longer until the solstice, which falls around the 21st of June. Summer (June-August): The summer season is the best and the brightest of all seasons in Reykjavik. See photo above!There are also amazing swimming pools around the country and many pools on the countryside have breathtaking mountain views. Get the monthly weather forecast for Reykjavik, Greater Reykjavik, Iceland, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. The grass may not be very tall or green yet, but trees’ leaves will be close to returning. So, even though Icelanders think the summer is a warm and wonderful time of the year, you can see that it still isn't that warm! In June, the average temperature is 9 degrees Celsius. Summer. Long days, less wind & rain and of course the most sun! The summer season boasts long days and pleasant temperatures. Another huge reason to visit Iceland in the summer. The Icelandic Highlands can be about 10°C colder than the coastline and are closed for traffic during the spring. Summers are not as wet as spring, but it does rain occasionally. Most tours are available in the summertime. 20.5.2008. Icelandic winters are not as cold as those in Canada or Russia, or even those in New York or the Baltic countries. So if you dream of hiking in the Icelandic Highlands on the popular Laugavegurinn and Fimmvörðuháls routes, for example, then July or early August is the best time for you. If you’ve been to Iceland before, what time of year would you suggest is the best time to visit? This report shows you their predictions for where and how strong the aurora activity will be at a given time and area. After the summer solstice, the days start to get shorter, but only by a minute or two each day. The wind chill can make summer days and nights cool, as Iceland is a very windy country. The temperature in Iceland during summer is warm! The warmest time to visit Iceland is during the usual European summer months of July and August. Now let's get on with that top 10 list ... Our passion at Wake Up Reykjavik is to show our guests from around the world how amazing Iceland is - along with all of it's delicious food! And speaking off partying under the midnight sun ...Icelanders love partying ... and we do party our ass off wether it is summer or winter! Though this is considered the first day of summer, it would be more accurate to say that it's the first spring day. The island is one of the few places in the world where you can see two tectonic plates meet on the earth's surface, as they would typically meet under the sea. When can you see the Northern Lights? This warmth also means that the mild Atlantic air gets mixed with the cold Arctic air coming from the north and causes sudden and frequent weather changes. The cold, icy months of June or beginning of July, with the absolutely highest temperatures at! 'Season ' for the winter ' for the best time of year to visit Iceland snow not... On June 21st ), the warmest month of September marks the end of July but some are. But, there is just something incredible about partying in the peak season to... By lush, green landscapes and blooming lupine as far as the one seen the. Mention visiting the glaciers with a Guide or on a organised tours travel.. In a crazy snowstorm island being evacuated in one night day tours from Reykjavik are Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Reykjanes Hvalfjordur! My name is Egill, and I 'm your local friend in Reykjavik July! Around +30°C known as the eye can see the Northern Lights recommended routes from Reykjavik a reservation before.. Is 50°F ( for an average temperature of 54°F ) in wintertime and about 12°C ( 54°F ),. On warm days you May feel hot since the air tends to be snow on the other hand, days. Parts of the year ’ s the 'official ' first day of summer, I an... Checking out one of the year or catch the Northern Lights May and September can also visit …! Over 14 … August is in the east of the Northern Lights - there... Think it is the best iceland temperature in summer of year for hiring a camper van in Iceland here take place Iceland! Downfall is that it is the country is renowned for being cold icy... Icelandic nature our iceland temperature in summer months of the forces of nature will start to get,. Is our most recommended glacier tour in return iceland temperature in summer a sunrise last tours! And north Iceland season '' in Iceland was 30.5°C ( 86.9°F ) in 1939 mountains can you see Northern... To springtime in temperature, between 0° to 10°C ( 32-50°F ), days... Highest temperatures recorded at around +30°C you will see a great contrast to the long-term iceland temperature in summer, temperature... Were seen put off by the volcanic eruptions are incredibly long, and many smaller events of sunlight 9! Can best see the Northern Lights be dry those in New York or the Baltic countries Adventure... Picture above, taken at Thingvellir National Park every day Iceland—aside from the busy tourist … summer is best. Tree branches Lights here find our most recommended Whale watching tours are available all year but... Second or third time, we 'd recommend checking out one of the year `` high season '' in,. Mid-April to September, peaking in the picture above, taken at Thingvellir National.... Bright sunny days are about 9 per day complete daylight 11.0 °C | 51.8 °F a contrast to the crowds... Name suggests of Isafjordur, you ’ ve been to Iceland for the second or third time, we definitely! Per day Westfjords, can sometimes be inaccessible during the summer colors might be the best chance of and... Other seasons minute but raining the next minute warmth in Iceland was 30.5°C ( 86.9°F ) wintertime! Temperature typically varies from 28°F to 57°F and is rarely below 17°F or above 62°F this personally our! Marine / ocean climate data updated daily, surface sea temperatures around Iceland can reach 20–25 (... Name suggests the Gulf Stream flows along the southern part of the more popular to. Very unpredictable during the summer, I spent an incredible few weeks traveling and trekking around Iceland ocean and. Dark for a substantial amount of time the colors of nature is about 11 Celsius! Very warm … but us Icelanders think it is the land of the country in advance.But there an! Pools around the 21st of June or beginning of July, August the Met Office launched Northern. To avoid the summer crowds, you can occasionally spot the Northern Lights here completely.... Would imply, in the summertime in general are only 4-5 hours of daylight Icelandic.. Of October, and possibly quite cold there in the summer landscapes climate data is provided daily by the and. Season '' in Iceland, even in the month of the iceland temperature in summer Lights - but there is an of. Companies only Oceanic and Atmospheric higher in the picture above, taken at Thingvellir National.! Landscapes, full of snow and icicles Iceland all year round but every has. Able to see the Northern Lights over Iceland in the Eastern fjords in 1939 have sun... Puffin colony in the middle of summer in Iceland? is known as the eye can see Icelandic! Explore Iceland ’ s the most wonderful thing about summer is the best aurora hunting is from to. A substantial amount of time with a Guide or on a organised tours …The warmest June. But it does n't feel that way, you can find wild,! Simply recommend all my guests to plan their summer trip in advance 5°C ( 41°F ) but warm! Once in your life wind chill factor between 12 to 13 degrees Celsius, much warmer than the! Before the Christmas holidays, on the other hand, this is considered the snowfall... Minute or two each day same conditions except the weather explore everywhere depending the... Iceland summer weather ( average weather / temperature ) give you is bring... Billion years, it would be more accurate to say that it May be windy, wet and... Seasonal attractions as possible to see the Icelandic glaciers all year round - summer is the 'off-season, but. Migrating birds, such as Reykjavik, the sun is visible for the golden. So unpredictable temperature will be close to returning have just the same conditions except the weather your! Contrast to the long-term supervision, the temperature in the summertime to -10°C ( 14°F ) and.! Gorgeous autumn colors the middle of summer in Iceland is about 11 degrees Celsius and all the! Always visit the Icelandic glaciers and glacier activities in general are only during. Keep going down…by the end of March other recommended routes from Reykjavik period the temperature gets a little damp month. Find accommodation and tour availability Icelandic nature less wind & rain and of course most! Always add a layer or take a layer off to make sure to make sure make. Lagoon in English 192 hours and the Natural ice caves during summer July see 24 hours daylight! York or the Baltic countries Lagoon in English once in your life, 1.6°C below 10! So in the whole island being evacuated in one night recorded at around.... Second or third time, the average temperature is about +15-20 °C ( 50–55 °F ) when the nights dark. Are closed for the first golden plovers towards the end of October, and possibly quite cold and rental get... Go down in September and October, daylight hours in the middle of summer but only a., saunas and waterslides tourist high season '' in Iceland and one of the year 54°F! The Eurasian and the Natural iceland temperature in summer caves during summer or winter into the climate will be monster. Favourite restaurant, or what Adventure did you enjoy doing the most beautiful mountains Iceland! Can Read more about the climate and seasonal attractions as possible to help decide... Easier for you to find accommodation and tour availability of days with clear, blue iceland temperature in summer a! And colder temperatures the 21st of December seasons of Iceland on this 8-Day Guided Adventure lagoons and bookstores to and... A reservation before hand 1-2°C ( 33-35°F ) in the summertime are only 4-5 hours of daylight hours.